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My name's Kat Black and this is one of my 'hobby' sites. I'm an author, lecture in web development and art/design history and a whole heap of other stuff.

You can see more of my sites at retrokat.com, my vaguely commercial face, or my personal work as an artist etc at kattyb.com.

I was born and currently live in Western Australia, although I've also lived in the US and UK. I have a wonderful (also vegetarian) partner who I met at Art School - jaspercook.com and my most uncharacteristically commercially successful project to date is goldentarot.com.

I've been a vegetarian since I was twelve - which is quite a while now :)

I'm now a convert to the low-carb lifestyle in order to keep down my weight, as I have a back problem aggravated by certain fat deposits on my chest (and yes, I've had a breast reduction - but the buggers grew back!). I've decided to rebuild this site to show that it IS possible to lead a low-carb lifestyle without becoming carniverous.

You can email me on the address below - although I'm pretty busy and find it difficult to respond to all email I'm afraid.

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