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Weights and Measures

Apart from baking cakes, exact measurements for my recipes are fairly unimportant. Amounts of most ingredients are a matter of taste and proportion.

I'm an Australian, and like the Europeans we're fully Metric. I use standard metric-sized cups etc and rarely actually measure anything. But for instances where measurements DO matter, here are some conversions that may be useful, particularly for those of you still using Imperial Measurements:

Dry Weights (usually heaped, unless specified level):
1 Cup = 150g or 1/3lb unsifted flour = 200g or 1/2lb sugar
1 Teaspoon = 5g or 1/6oz butter
1 Tablespoon = 20g or 3/4oz butter = 7g or 1/4oz cornflour
1kg = approx 2lb (actually about 2.2lbs really)
250g = approx 1/2lb
100g = approx 4oz
1lb = approx 450g (nearly half a kilogram)
1oz = approx 28g

Liquid Capacities (usually level):
1 Cup = 250ml = approx 1/3 pint
1 Teaspoon = 5ml
1 Tablespoon = 20ml
1 Litre = approximately a Quart, just under 2 pints.

Oven Temperatures
Low =
Moderate =
High =

Note: Measure the capacities of your cups and spoons so that you can use them without the need to always weigh ingredients. An English-style Teacup is often about right for a standard metric cup, as is an English Teaspoon. As with most things American, US cup and spoon capacities are usually bigger. You could always use a real measuring cup and/or kitchen scales if you're that way inclined.


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