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Cheese, please

Soft, Ripened Cheeses:

Camembert and Brie
Soft flowing French-style cheeses with a mould-covered rind. Genuine French varieties have a very pungent ammonia-like aroma, but those produced outside France tend to be far milder. The soft mouldy crust is meant to be eaten. Brie and Camembert are usually served on a cheese platter, although whole small Camembert can be crumbed and deep-fried as a very rich appetiser.

Rich English-style blue-veined cheese. Pungent aroma, and heavenly taste. Used widely (but sparingly) in sauces and canapes. Creamy taste, but with a very sharp bite. The perfect complement to mushrooms. Can also be served on a cheese platter. Store wrapped in a damp cloth in a sealed container in the fridge (or the smell will get into everything). Roquefort and Gorgonzola are somewhat similar to Stilton.

Danish Blue
Rich Danish-style blue-veined cheese. I find that Danish Blues vary from mild and creamy to quite metallic and salty in taste. Use small amounts melted into creamy sauces and dressings, or serve on a cheese platter. Combines well with fruit.

Castello (White, Blue and Red)
This is actually a brand of cheese rather than a type, but it's widely available in most countries I've travelled to. It is a rich creamy and quite mild mould-veined cheese with a very high fat content. I'd never use it in cooking, as it's expensive and the lush creamy texture is best enjoyed very simply, either on water crackers or thin slices of cucumber.

Chevre (Goat's Cheese)
Very distinctively-flavoured soft white French-style cheese. Usually you buy it in small wrapped packages, and it's often very expensive. They say it's an acquired taste, but I guess I've acquired the taste - this is my favourite indulgence. As with Castello, it's best served simply. A sandwich of Chevre, Roasted Sweet Potato and Rocket would have to be one of my favourite cafe-style meals.


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