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Cheese Fondue (Rich Traditional)

Melting Cheese (eg, Cheddar, Edam)
White Wine or Beer

To taste (if desired):
French Mustard (Dijon or Wholegrain)
Salt & Pepper
Cream or Evaporated Milk

Over a very low heat, melt lots of grated cheese. Stir constantly - don't overheat or the cheese will go stringy. Slowly add a little wine or beer and seasonings. If desired, add a little cream just before serving. Do not boil!!

Serve with cubes of bread or vegetables (eg Mushrooms, Cauliflower florets). Use forks to dip the bread into the fondue.

Note: You can keep this warm with a fondue burner or candle-warmer, or you can just stick it in the Microwave for ten seconds when it goes cold.

Combinations of cheeses work well - Cheddar with a little Danish Blue, Edam with a little Smoked. Feta and Ricotta don't melt well, so they're not suitable for fondue. Cheeses which have a very high fat content (such as matured Cheddar) may need to be mixed with a lower fat cheese to avoid an oil-slick on the top. The bulk of this traditional cheese fondue is melted cheese, so I certainly wouldn't call this a healthy dish - I usually go for the less traditional White-Sauce based version which has a lot less fat (and it's a lot cheaper to make, too!)



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