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Penne Arrabiata

Aubergines (Eggplant)
Tomato Pasta-Sauce
Chili (fresh, jar, sauce or dried)
Penne Pasta (low carb if you can get it)
Pure Olive Oil
Cheese (Parmesan, Romano, Tasty etc)

Red Wine

Cube the aubergines, and degorge them if required. Saute the onions, garlic and aubergines in oil until golden. Add the sauce, tomatoes, wine and chili to taste. Simmer until reduced and aubergines are completely cooked and the whole lot becomes a saucy consistency.

Add the penne to a VERY large pan of rapidly boiling water and cook until al dente (still firm, but no hard bits). Drain and toss with a little oil. Serve in large pasta bowls with sauce spooned on top, garnished with grated cheese.

Note: This is traditionally a pretty spicy dish compared to most Italian cooking - but you can alter the amount of chili to suit yourself. Start with half a teaspoon or so and work up from there. As always, taste as you cook! Be careful when cooking with fresh chili, as it can really hurt if you touch your eyes with traces of chili on your hands.


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