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3-4 Fresh Beetroot
1 Large Onion
Any of the following non-starchy vegetables:
Turnip, Swede, Carrots, Cabbage, Mushrooms
1 Vegetarian Stock Cube

To Taste: (if desired)
Fresh or Dried Herbs - eg, Dill
Salt & Pepper
Red or White Wine (Dry, about 1/2 cup - optional)
Natural Yogurt, Cream, or Soured Cream*

Peel and dice the vegetables. Simmer with the stock cube, garlic, wine & water to cover until the veges are soft. Add seasonings to taste.

You can serve this as a beautiful clear soup by straining off all of the solid vegetables, or for a more hearty meal keep the vegetables in and puree.

If it's too thick add a little boiling water. Garnish with yogurt and fresh herbs.

Note: * To make a dairy-free or vegan version, just skip the yogurt and serve garnished with fresh herbs.

Be warned that fresh beetroot will stain wood, marble or anything else porous.

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