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Asian Noodle Soup

For Stock:
Leafy Green Vegetables (eg, Bok Choy, Spinach)
Spring Onions
Green Beans, Peas, Zucchini or other veges
Vegetarian Stock Cubes
Ginger (Fresh shredded)
To taste: (one or two of the following)
Vegetarian Oyster Sauce, Tamarind Paste, Lemon Juice, Dark Soy Sauce, Hoi Sin Sauce, Black Bean Sauce, Sesame Oil

For Serving:
Noodles, Dried or Fresh (Egg, rice or wheat)
Chinese Vegetables (eg, Straw Mushrooms, Poku Mushrooms, Water Chestnuts, Bamboo Shoots, Marinaded Dried Mushrooms)

Chop the vegetables. Simmer in water, stock and ginger until vegetables are soft.

Add asian-style seasonings to taste, then strain off the vegetables (you could use them in a stir-fry).

Add the noodles and chinese vegetables, and maybe a few of the strained-off leafy vegetables. Garnish with fresh corinader or Bean Sprouts.

Serve with chopsticks and asian soup-spoons.

Note: This is a very adaptable dish and can be prepared with a wide range of ingredients. You can add strips of tofu, tempe, gluten or seitan for protein. All over Asia there are Noodle Bars where you can choose your own fresh ingredients and have Noodle Soup served in seconds.

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